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Blog article 20 October 2020: Natural vs Lab Grown Diamonds:

Never in the history of the jewelry industry have we ever found ourselves in the position that is literally the embodiment of an actual rock and a hard place. 

Since the beginning of time itself, man has striven to match the power of what only nature can produce. In the … we had the … Then in … we saw the rise of the …. And yet always, we have been in a position where we could somehow spot the difference between the limitations in our abilities and the limitless abilities in what only planet earth can produce. 

Then came the year… and all that was about to change. For the first time we found ourselves in a position where we couldn’t say anymore with a straight face that we can in fact see the difference anymore. Part of this … (problem) was that it indeed matched our strictest description of what a diamond should be, to earn the title “diamond”. This is Adamas that … referred when he said … This is the …. that …mentioned when he spoke about xxx. 

Yet all is not doom and gloom for the natural diamond. You can still say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. You can never truly say that “lab grown diamonds” are a girl’s best friend as it simply just doesn’t ring the same.

The future of the lab grown diamond certainly looks bright. These beautiful stones can be made in every conceivable colour tone, only limited to our imagination. What that means is, is that for the first time, anyone can own any colour diamond. The most vivid of reds, and all shades of rare pink and blue tones is now finally attainable to everyone, not just the most wealthy among us. 

It is still too early to say what the xxx ahead is regarding the future value of the stone. It can be produced in mass quantities, and as time passes, these ever improving production methods threaten to bring down the future value of these beautiful stones.

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