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Whether you prefer platinum, rose gold, white gold, or something different, you’ll find a spectacular selection of rings in modern and classic styles.

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Wedding Rings buying tips:

1: Work within your budget.

Gone are the days where a man had to spend the equivalent of three months’ salary on his fiancé’s engagement ring. There are now beautiful, well-made engagement ring options to suit every budget and preference.

At Isabella Jewels, we have committed to producing every ring we make with great care and attention to detail. Just because it cost less doesn’t mean it has to be less durable or less stylish.

Our focus has been to maximize the value you get for your money which means

2: Understand Diamond quality:

Getting the value for your money means you have to learn some of the basics of the product you are buying. In the case of diamonds, this is the 4 Cs that form the basis of how the value is calculated. In the beginning, all the terminology may seem overwhelming but to get a quick rundown I suggest watching the following video to understand what it’s about.

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A row of sparkling round brilliant diamonds shimmer brightly, pavé-set in this 9k white gold ring she’ll treasure as a wedding or anniversary band

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